CAC Management and Construction Inc.

About us

Who We are :

CAC Management and Construction Inc. is a small  S. Florida Company. It started in 1988 in Bethlehem PA by Mr. Claudio Costa as M.N Development and Construction Inc. It's main business was on the residential construction field. Due to the quality work shown on its projects M.N started receiving requests for Comercial projects from few developers.At the same time some contractors and builders  in the Lehigh Valley area stated utilizing M.N as consultants and/or project managers. In 1999. Mr. Costa moved to S. Florida. At the beginning he went to work for Centex Homes and in 2001 left that Co. and created a sole-proprietorship that  become CAC Management and Construction Inc in 2004. From that time till the present CAC has built Custom single homes, multi families unities, has done  some remodeling/renovations/additions/restorations etc.. CAC also has done jobs for branches of the Federal Government, and consulted and managed projects for some S.FL. construction Co's.
We do not ask for letters of reference. We do not ask for other Co's bids in order to give ours. We don't brag about being honest or that we have never being in court because being honest is an obligation not a favor. That's how we think.That's how we do business.
That is us

 The management team:

     Claudio A. Costa ................ President

     Hind Machlah    ................. Vice-President

     Claudio A. Costa II ............Engineer/Project Manager

Our trusted partners:

  PLUMBING:          Moody Plumbing and Irrigation,Inc.

  ELECTRICAL:    Burley Electrical Services, Inc.

  MECHANICAL:   Best Air Conditioning Inc.



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